Lauren’s Diary May 2022 – PhD Researcher Funded By CF Warriors

We would like to introduce our PhD Researcher based at Portsmouth University, Lauren Clayton. We will be keeping up-to-date with Lauren’s journey as she progresses through her PhD studies.

Weekly Update – 2nd May, 2022

I have submitted the protocol and booked a date (14th May, 2022) for the Research Ethics Committee meeting for the first study: The Understand-CF Study. WooHoo!!

I had a full supervisory monthly meeting, moving forward with the second study: The Heat-CF Study. This gave me a chance to discuss the pilot testing I have done so far and make the changes needed for my next lot of pilot testing.

I have been in the lab practising measures – the techniques to measure cardiac and vascular function, which include near-infrared spectroscopy, cardiac thoracic impedance and flow-mediated dilation.

Weekly Update – 9th May, 2022

My focus this week has been on developing my learning on the techniques used in the Understand-CF, and as such…

At the start of the week I was doing background learning on some of my techniques including the near-infrared spectroscopy system and physio flow.

Mid-week I spent time in the lab practising the placement of these devices and collecting some data to look at during exercise.

I spent a day at Southampton Hospital with the respiratory teaming some CPET testing so they can sign me off – this is needed before I can run CPET testing for the CF Team.

Weekly Update – 16th May, 2022

Lab Practice – Practising the first visit of the Understand-CF Study. This includes vascular function testing along with an exercise test with the NIRS and physio flow system.

CPD – Independent medical officer training – ECG interpretation, resuscitation/basic life support, simulations in the extreme environment laboratories.

Weekly Update – 23rd May, 2022

Began the week with pilot testing visit 1 of the Heat-CF Study.

Updated the REC protocol for heat study, getting it ready to submit.

Went to the Rehabilitation Conference.

Pilot testing visit 2 of the Heat-CF Study.

Stay tuned for plenty of further updates on Lauren’s journey.

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