Lauren’s Diary October 2022

PhD Researcher Funded By CF Warriors

Weekly Update – 3rd October, 2022

This week I submitted the ethical protocol to a Research Ethics Committee for review.

I have been preparing a presentation for my Major Review. This presentation will be presented to the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science at the University of Portsmouth and will provide an overview of my first year as a PhD researcher, and my plans for the rest of my PhD.

I have also spent time at the University Hospital Southampton, specifically with the adult cystic fibrosis team, and meeting people with cystic fibrosis.

Weekly Update – 10th October, 2022

This week I have been preparing for my major review and practising my presentation.

I have spent most of the week in the lab practising various techniques including conducting a body composition scan and running a heat stress test.

I attended several meetings this week including the Extreme Environments Theme meeting. During this meeting all the Postgraduate Researchers gave a short 5-minute presentation on our research topics

Weekly Update – 17th October, 2022

This week was particularly stressful as I presented my Major Review presentation to staff and students in the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science at the University of Portsmouth.

I spent the beginning of the week practising my presentation and learning how to use some new equipment

Weekly Update – 24th October, 2022

This week I have been in the lab assisting with some heat stress tests. A heat stress test is performed in an environmental chamber set to a certain temperature (in this case it is set to 40°C and 50% relative humidity) while cycling for 60 minutes. Measures including core body and skin temperature, sweat rate and heart rate are measured continuously.

I have been practising some measures of vascular function. I have also been reading papers for a review I am writing.

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